New York Yankees game on July 4

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For this event I was probably the most excited – the trip to the match was planned even before our arrival in the place to the United States, so there was time to film!

We bought tickets for the Yankees match online a lot before we arrived. It was necessary to identify quickly, because in addition, you could buy a place on the bus going straight from the camp to the Bronx, where the Yankee Stadium is located. The whole thing cost us $50, so I think it's a good price for an opportunity to feel a truly American climate on our own. 😉

Another getaway to NYC, yaaay! The bus journey took about an hour and a half, and during the course we watched Forrest Gump – from the very beginning it was good! When we got to the Bronx, we had time off before the game. We hooked up with a gadget shop where most, including myself, doned hats and T-shirts with the NY Yankees logo. And a quick snack in Poppy, mandatory!

The stadium is very impressive. White neon lights, a sea of people dressed in Yankees t-shirts and hats, green grass pitches and the smell of stadium fast food. In addition, loud music in the speakers and goosebumps guaranteed. That day, the Yankees played against the Toronto Blue Jays. Yes, it didn't tell me anything either. 😀

We had really good places! Okay, I don't even quite understand all the rules of baseball… But being part of the audience was great. I just clapped when the rest of the sector was clapping. 😀 Next to me sat a nice / a little strange older guy named Michael, who probably did not believe that a student from Poland can wield liquid English and asked my friend from Australia sitting next to me if I am a student from the exchange. To which I froze "I'm sorry, but I can speak for myself" – his mine priceless. 😛 So Michael deepened my humble knowledge of the rules of the game a bit, but as I mentioned, he was a tad strange. When he talked openly, he was very nice… but sometimes he started talking something to himself under his nose and from what I caught, it was nothing nice and I do not know who it was aimed at. Strange. But the acquaintance with Michael ended at the end of the match. 😀

In mie

A constant team! 🙂 From the top left: Maciek, Juan, Aneta, Izzy; bottom: Annabelle, Ana, Nina, me, Paul

In the meantime, planes flying over the stadium "blew out" the inscription "hot summer fun", which made a huge impression … Well, they have momentum… 😀

Really, receiving the whole thing live is an experience not from this earth. American and Canadian live anthem, songs in honor of soldiers, plays in itself, Mexican wave through the entire stadium … Even without having too broad a clue (or even more than a basic – let's be honest) about baseball, the atmosphere is definitely given. Overall, the audience was very excited, but in a positive, balanced way. No madness, no aggression, no negative filming. No wonder baseball is a family sport, and whole families come to matches, even with tiny children. Unthinkable, having in mind a picture of european football matches. 😛

If there is an opportunity to experience something like this again, I will certainly benefit. However, next time I have to be better prepared on the merits to be able to fully enjoy the spectacle. 😉 No less – the cap definitely fits me! 😛


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