Pipe lenses. The story of how I escaped from the operating table

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I've had a bad eyesight since I remember, and I started wearing my first glasses when I was 9 years old. At the age of 13, I started wearing lenses, so I couldn't do without them most of my life. This has always been associated with considerable inconveniences and sometimes the inability to perform certain activities. Now that I have already implanted phakine lenses, it will be able to fulfill my dream of one of these things. 

The decision to (laser) correct the visual defect was not really made somehow specifically. I always knew that someday I would eventually get a jebla from wearing glasses or lenses, and all in all, this jebel has long been progressive. I just waited until I had the money for the operation and the time to recover after it. I've been trying to do it more specifically for about a year and a half, but something more financially urgent was still popping up, or I didn't know if I could appear on inspection visits.

But it's time for a pandemic. Half a joke, half seriously, but I was told that if there was an apocalypse on full, it would be a chapel. With my tragic sight and lack of access to Rossmann or Hebe, I would probably turn out to be the weakest link very quickly. Imagine this: an apocalypse, we live in the forest, and here neither see a hunting predator (or bewilderment with a crossbow, whatever), or distinguish edible plants from inedible plants without having to put them under their face … And you know, I'm laughing at it, but this shit is real.

One day my mother called me that she had already done stalking and there was a vacancy for a qualifying consultation the next day. And if I want to go. Zero thought – sure! At th

e consultation I learned that while I qualify for laser treatment, the thickness of my cornea after the procedure will not allow any corrections. That's why I was given the choice of a second, safer option – implanting lens implants, which is a fakian lens. Having instilled fakia lenses, you can make an additional correction with a laser. You can also remove or replace the lenses themselves, which makes the procedure for their implantable reversible.

The next day I had a second consultation visit, already strictly for the implantation of lenses. The doctor discussed with me the course of the operation and all such matters. 

For the final qualification, I had to provide a health certificate from my GP and an ECG examination. 

Pipe lenses. First approach

Surgery for the first eye was scheduled for Monday. I appeared prepared as planned. I was taken to the locker room, where I had to dress up for the procedure (pajamas + disposable clothes). The circus began at the stage of placing venflon. It worked out the sixth (!!!) puncture, where I already cried with pain and stress. I was already completely hysterical at this stage, and when the drip with mannitol began to blow my arm from the inside, my hysteria reached apogee. I think I really knew then that none of this treatment would be.

I was struck by the spraying of a nurse dealing with me when I asked for help. Combined with the sudden awareness that I would have full mobility during the procedure (and I totally did not trust myself in terms of lying quietly), I decided that none of this would be. We stopped the procedure before opening the lenses.

I got up from the table and realized that I was doing the whole thing. It was a sensible decision to withdraw from the operation, because I would not have been there. We agreed with the Doctor that it is difficult, we will do the procedure under general anesthesia, taking two eyes to the workshop at the same time. I apologized for the confusion, thanked you for your care and returned home. On the way back, I decided that I did not want to postpone another sting to take blood for the next day and went to do the additional tests required for general anesthesia (electrolytes, morphology), so I finished the day with seven holes in my hands.

Pipe lenses. Final clash

Two days later, I had a date for surgery under general anesthesia. Here there is not much to tell, because everything was great! Puncture after the first approach (ha, however, in the elbow! Because elsewhere it was already burned, I had hematomas everywhere), normal wenflon, so the drip was painless for me. Ba, I practically slept, sitting in a chair under a drip and waiting for my turn.  For the procedure I laid on the table independently and voluntarily. 😛

After the operation, I woke up briefly, after which I fell asleep again and this cycle lasted about an hour. I had two thoughts in my head. The first – someone on my bank stripped the tabasco sauce to my eyes, because so me beautiful. THE SECOND – I HAVE IT BEHIND ME! But the first question I asked the staff (I don't know who it was because I had my eyes covered) was "was I polite?" XD Apparently I was. I was very scratching in my throat after intubation.

After about two hours, when I was already overwhelmed and did not sleep, one of the dressings was replaced with a plastic cover so I could see anything. And I saw! Not too, the eye has just got used, the brain probably too, but I saw! Shortly after, a friend picked me up from the clinic, i was smartly siged along the way, and before we got home it was all great. 

pipe lenses
XDDD such are the facts!!!


In fact, recovery after surgery comes down to a few things. These include using eye drops as directed by your doctor, sleeping for the first 10 days in plastic casings, checking visits and avoiding physical exertion, even light. Do not lift or cause pressure in the eye to increase by other roads, e.g. by means of a by bending over. I draconian my throat, which was intubed, and i was dragged through a box of ice cream. 🙂

I am currently only a week away from the operation and after two follow-up visits. I managed to reset my flaws, so I can see directly perfectly. The only thing, I have a problem with accommodation when seeing closely, but it is to normalize within 3 weeks. 

Fakia lenses – pros:

  • no one will take them anymore, I am ready for survival in any conditions
  • long-term effect, it is possible that for life
  • short recovery period
  • relatively low invasiveness of the procedure
  • reversibility of the procedure

Phakine lenses – cons:

  • high cost
  • the torah lens may rotate, which will require correction of the
  • possibility of complications

Was it worth it? Totally. Every night getting ready to sleep, I reflexively want to go take out the lenses – and here zonk and japa enjoys itself. And finally I will be able to do what I could never really do: I dream of being able to open my eyes while swimming in the water. 🙂

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