FIWE Fitness Fair 2016

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Last weekend, the FIWE fitness fair took place in Warsaw. This is the largest event of its kind in Poland, organized with impressive momentum and bringing together a lot of people interested in the fitness industry.

Fiwe fair is two days, however, we for various reasons did not arrive on Saturday, so at the fair we were only on Sunday. With business tickets, we also had access to the business area, where there were stands with equipment and services for fitness clubs. We massaged on the roller, Cuba pulled up on the gate, the price of which froze me (35k!), tested a modern treadmill in the shape of a cradle, the first time I saw the equipment of the brand sponsoring Olympians … A lot of curiosities and there was really something to watch.

In the public area there was traffic and bustle as on Marszałkowska. In the hall there were stands exhibitors from the industries of nutrition, supplementation, clothing, accessories, services… Multum of options that will surely interest anyone interested in the topic of a healthy life.  People were in resistance to the point that after 3 hours my head was cracking, a few times I was almost rammed, and the most popular stands were long queues. For many there were promotional prices at the time of the fair, so the crowds were understandable – I myself stood in one of such queues.


Our hearts conquered the stand OstroVit, on which the company had set, as we called it, a protein shot bar. 😀 On the counter stood several distributors with processed protein nutrients in several flavors, each could be poured into a paper cup on their own.


They also had 0 kcal sauces (with the same composition as those of eprotein, en with the difference that sweetened erythrol), which could be tried on a piece of waffle or with protein ice cream. Pulp! I caught my eye peanut butter 1000g for 15 pln<3 a Kuba się obkupił w 4kg odżywek o smaku french vanilla i creme brule (pyyycha). For free we got shakers, and those never had enough. 😉


At other stands, too, you could shoot a shot of a white woman or eat a piece of a candy bar or a protein pancake, by the way we talked to the exhibitors and caught in samples of nutrients, BCAAs and pre-workouts.

At the same time, there were also silhouette competitions on the stage. Although it does not kidnap me, I was always curious how these types of competitions look and now I understand a little more in this topic.


What I did not like was that many girls walked in the same groves and thus promoted their stands … No sorry, but if someone has nothing more to present about their brand, then the only thing that remains for him is to show the ass. From such places I ran the other way, without generating traffic to them. 😛 I am a little surprised by fiwe organizers and exhibitors that they catch such cheap grips, but well – there is supply, there is demand.

We regretted that we didn't go to the first day and we didn't have the opportunity to be at speakers' lectures or training sessions. The plan for next year – we get up early, take free, put on comfortable clothes and get ready for the whole weekend of impressions.
FIWE 2016 – thanks! FIWE 2017 – we will be for sure!

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