Idea for a keto breakfast: fried camembert with Dutch sauce

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As someone in the comments on my culinary insta nicely defined this idea for keto breakfast: cheese bomb!

In general, I think that fried camembert is very, very underestimated, an idea for a protein-fat breakfast (you can read more about B-T breakfasts here) or any other simple and quick meal. Zero cooking, 5 minutes in a pan and you're done!

In the version for keto breakfast I decided to slightly tweak the value of such a cheese by the addition of Dutch sauce, which is also totally keto.

Dutch sauce – ingredients:

  • 2 egg yolks
  • spoonful of lemon sauce
  • Ok. 30g melted butter
  • salt and pepper

Dutch sauce – preparation:

Prepare the water bath and in a bowl beat the egg yolks, gradually adding lemon juice, melted butter, salt and pepper. The sauce has a dense and uniform output, but the density can be adjusted by adding more or less the butter.

Pour the previously fried camembert sauce and you're done!

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