L'Antica Pizzeria Da Michele – the best pizza in Naples and in the world (?)

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Since I knew i was going to move to Naples, I started looking for the most notorious places in the city. One of them is the pizzeria Da Michele.

L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele is located quite near my house, because about 10-15 minutes walk. We went there for pizza after a few hours of sightseeing, so we were ready to eat. What was our disappointment when we saw the big queue! But surprise quickly replaced the idea that there must be some good cause for this queue in the middle of the day. People sat on the curbs with suitcases, waiting for their turn.

When there is such a move, everyone waiting for a table receives a paper number. We got the number 98. When I heard that he was only 22, my legs softened a little bit… I asked about the waiting time, I was told that about 45 minutes. Ok, we decided that there was nothing to fry in the crowd under the pizzeria. We came back after about an hour and still numbered only in the top ten … So, in total, from the moment we came to planting butts at the table, we spent 3 hours waiting.

It's like I've complained about losing half a day in line, what can you eat there? And here again surprise – you see, there are only two types of pizza to choose from. Neapolitan classic: marinara and margharita. To test, of course, we took one of them.  Once there were supposedly three sizes, now there is only the default size. 😛 In anticipation of pizzas, we took an Italian beer, Nastro Azzurro.

What is Neapolitan pizza? Wet, flowing. Different than pies even in Rome. On a pizza making course in Rome and led by a chef from Naples, I learned the differences between the two types of pizza. These are the main water content in relation to the amount of flour used to prepare the dough for pizza. Neapolitan pizza contains more, because up to about 10 000 people are 10 000 years old. 70% water, making it more easily digestible and healthier… As far as we can talk about the health of this type of food in general. 😀

And what was the pizza in Da Michele? That's it. Strongly aromatic, on a thin batter, which at the same time had a structure like thick bottoms (I do not know exactly how to describe it). Baked in the oven briefly, but at high temperature, it has until a bit charred edges, which just at first did not fit. After removing the hands are wet to the wrists, and the pads are black from the charred edges. If I'm going to be brutally honest, if I wasn't told that Pizza from Da Michele is the best in the world… I wouldn't have guessed myself. 😉 No less, it was delicious and different from any pizza I've eaten before.

I think that on the occasion of a visit to Naples it is worth going to this pizzeria, if only to confront your feelings with the feelings of the character played by Julia Roberts in "Eat, pray, love". 🙂

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